Timefounder, slicing the pie

TimeFounder is a fair and elegant equity split system where you will love to wake up and work on projects you will end up owning with the rest of the team members

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For founders

For founders

Timefounder allows to be fair with the people that invest time in your project giving them future shares of the project.

For experts

For experts

Timefounder allows you to invest your time in projects you like and get a future shares or others benefits in case the project becomes a legal entity.

App for Timefunding

App for Timefunding

Timefounder it's an app that allows founders and experts to manage a Dynamic Equity Split System

Create your project

Use the add project icon at the bottom bar to add a project

Add project

Feel free to make it open if you want any register user could publish new project's tasks

Pro users can choose to make it private so only team members could see the project and its contents

Did you know that you could use multimedia content on descriptions and comments?

Put the link alone in its line and T:F will automatically embed the actual content

Use deal field to explain to your time investors what are you offering them in exchange for their help

Projects can have dead line date where it's worthless to contribute to it

Rembember that we like to be fair and elegant so help your time investors help you!

Add the bonus

Use the add bonus icon at the bottom bar to add a bonus

Add bonus page

Bonus are the way we normalize time and money to T:F coins

Right now you could define two kinds of bonus: for pomodoros (time tickets) and for funds (more to come soon)

If you start by creating two x1 bonus (one for pomodoros and one for funds) you are paying 1 T:F coin for every monetary unit and 1 T:F coint for every minute (you are paying 60 monetary units per hour)

So you could use the bonus to incentivate that your time founders help you by genorously sharing your project with them

The bigger the bonus the more coins you're sharing

The start and end date indicates when the bonus will be active. Use the project's start date link to start the bonus at the same time as the project starts

Specify the bonus type by using pomodoro or fund at Query field

Coming soon Complex Elastisearch queries: use a special bonus for a user in a task on this period of time

For instance, take this bonus:

Multipliers screenshot

This project will pay 120 T:F coins per hour invested (60 minutes/hour bonus by 2)

And 3 T:F coins per monetary unit (3€ per 1 invested or $3 per 1 invested)

Add your tasks

Now add your task so other timefounders could help you

Invite timefounders

Invite timefounders by letting them know about your task

Add members to the team

Add member to your team and they could add task to public and private Pro projects

And as soon as you

start to register pomodoros
Pomodoro's icon
and funds


you will see how your project is shared with your timefounders

Different states for pomodoros



Project's main graph

Select your missions

By browsing projects's tasks

You could browse public and open projects and follow them to be emailed if a comment is made

Follow tasks to work with them in the mission control


By being invited

You will recive a message from other users that think you could help on a task

Follow the task to work with it in the mission control

Work on them

Select it and push play

User's mission page

Work as always

T:F time tracker

Add some comments

Report the mission before close it

The mission control helps you track the invested time in a task

Allow other to know you are working on a task Snippet of a running pomodoro

An automatic pomodoro (time ticket) will be created when you end up the mission An automatic pomodoro (time ticket) will be created when you end up the mission

Now you only have to wait for the project's owner to accept or reject your pomodoro

This is how looks an accepted pomodoro This is how looks a rejected pomodoro

See how your split grows

The project's main graph shows you how the project's deal is splited in real time

The project's main graph shows you how big your slice is

This shows you how is the user's progress

You can see more detail with the contributor snipped in the contributors list

C'mon, let me in!!